With Micah Henderson and Erik Gerace

The Commi$$ion Mi$$ion

The mission today is sharpen your swords and get you ready for battle. It’s time to fine tune your craft to make you the best in what you do. The mission is to make you able to help anyone purchase what they need. We will share the best moments of advice from the best in their industry. You will be listening to a conversation you wish you had with mentors you wish you had. Take what makes sense to you and makes you better in your career.  “Absorb what is useful and discard what is not” Bruce Lee 

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The Story Behind The Mission

Micah and Erik met in college. They became great friends and worked together in the insurance industry. They constantly bounced ideas and strategies off of each other. They used mentors and coaches and shared what they learned from each other to help them grow their businesses successfully. In a position to pay it forward, they decided to come together and share the gold nuggets they found along the way.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1

Interview with Kai Chambers

Season 1 Episode 2

Interview with Knolly Williams

Season 1 Episode 3

Interview with Chadillac

Meet Your Hosts

Micah Henderson

Micah Henderson was born to George and Beth Henderson in Pennsylvania. His father was in the military and he moved a lot. This taught him adaptability. Graduated high school in Jacksonville and moved to Panama City in 2007 to start Florida State University. He graduated Florida State University Inn 2012 in business admin and finance.

Working for large companies and gaining experience for several years before starting Highland Finance in 2016. He enjoys spending time with his four young children Bradley, Caleb, Hazel and Julia. Micah loves who he spends time with, where he lives and what he does.

Erik Gerace

Erik is married with two boys. He has a degree from FSU in business and has worked in the tech, insurance and real estate industries. He is currently leads a team of licensed agents with eXp Realty.

Erik also mentors and coaches people in all aspects of life ranging from belief breakthroughs to business coaching. Erik has spent thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars over the years on mentors and coaching programs to help him develop his business and is now taking the time to share this wealth of information with you.